Pippa Tee​

Based in mid-Wales, I have just moved house - chaos reigns for now!

Over the last thirty or more years I have been designing and building gardens throughout England and Wales and now focus on willow, design, specialist pruning and growing plants.

I began in commercial horticulture gaining a good practical background in vegetable, fruit and cut flower production as well as theoretical knowledge on soils, nutrition, pest and diseases.

Subsequently I trained as a florist, took courses in weaving willow, studied landscape architecture - and was head gardener at the Cirencester agricultural college.

I have given talks and demonstrations to local gardening clubs and led the horticultural development of two community enterprises.


With all these practical experiences in gardens of all types and sizes, I hope I can offer a range of horticultural services and share with you my enthusiasm for the joys of growing!

For once the dogs wanted to go back home and garden! A day of Welsh sleet on the hills...

Netting tunnel filling up; brassicas, currant bushes and young perennials

Delphinium , Lupin, and Cheiranthus  - it  must be summer at last!