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Willow weaving

 I grow most of the willow and buy in extra willow rods as needed. 

The willow is used fresh at the beginning of the year then stored, dried

and re-soaked for use in later months. I am also experimenting with using

mixed materials, adding various dried grasses and rushes.

The aim is simple -  to have fun while learning a new skill; we always reach a point of peaceful activity, when I can rest my voice and the class works away busily,  accompanied by much general chatting as the group get to know each other.

Willow is a wonderfully forgiving material and everyone goes away with their original creations!

The group size is limited to allow you to work at your own pace, with individual assistance and plenty of space, a maximum of 6 people. 

All the courses are designed to be accessible for beginners. You do need a level of dexterity and finger strength however, which means adults only for weaving baskets and structures. Children can, and do, participate in the taster sessions. I suggest finer willow and smaller more delicate items for those with problems, and also get people using other materials, such as reeds, if they are really struggling!

 If you already have some experience but would like to learn something specific, then get in touch.

The suggested course dates below are entirely flexible (the joys of self-employment) and I will always try and accomodate any requests!

Willow baskets -

 2 day course.

The aim is to produce a simple basket, which gives you the techniques needed for practically any

willow weaving.  

I used to do this course in one somewhat tiring day which frequently over-ran into the evening -

not very relaxing for those with no craft experience... The two day format, 10-4pm each day,

allows everyone to breathe occasionally!

Cost for 2 days, run from the Big Barn at Tanyfron

£95 per person

Willow structures - 

 1 day course.

We'll be making anything from mini hurdles for supporting plants at the

edge of the border for instance, to tripods for growing climbing plants.

Once you have learnt the techniques, you can adapt the design to any

size and purpose.                                                                                                               The Big Barn


Cost for 1 day, run from the Big Barn at Tanyfron

£60 per person

Willow taster courses - 

These will vary between a 2 hour session to half a day.

They provide an opportunity to have fun doing something new

and different - and perhaps deciding whether to take this craft


Some will be run from here, others from The Plas, Dolanog.

(see below)

This could be a great way to celebrate a birthday with friends - or

a holiday activity - whatever!

10-12 or 1pm, 2-4 or 5pm (summer!)

Cost between £20 and £40, run from the Big Barn at Tanyfron

or The Plas, Dolanog 





SY21 0HA

what3words; 'aviation.monkeys.lunching'

Shows on Ordnance Survey and Google maps.

Click on the 'Contact' page for map and notes!

Pop-up sessions at The Plas, Dolanog. See below.

What to bring

You will need the layered clothing appropriate to Welsh weather as we will be in an unheated barn-  perhaps bring fingerless gloves if you have them.

I can provide drinks and biscuits only, so bring your own lunch.


I have several pairs of secateurs, which will be sharp (N.B.!) If you have your own do bring them, we can sharpen them as necessary.

An old knife is useful too. 

All necessary willow materials are included in the course prices.



Confirmed course dates will be shown here in bold. Other dates are suggestions.

If you would like to attend a course, let me know and I will advertise accordingly -

some will prefer a weekday, for others weekends will be better -

I am nearly always here!


Willow baskets

March 4th and 5th; 2 places remaining at present

(March 11th/12th; fully booked)

April 1st/2nd;   2 places remaining at present

Willow structures

Willow taster courses

(the dates shown are 2-3 hours, £25 pp)

March 1st; 4 places remaining at present, 10.30 am til lunchtime

March 2nd4 places remaining at present, 1pm til tea



Feel free to contact me for any queries

      e-mail -                                                           

      mobile - 07517142685 

New for 2023; card payments now accepted!

If you are booking via, you have your very own button! 

  (in case you too are a technophobe - don't worry, pressing the button

doesn't commit you to anything!)                                                  

Overnight stay?

We now have electricity to the Big Barn - and overnight van parking or camping should be available for small extra fee, which may help with those travelling longer distances. There are local 'posher' options of B and B!

The Plas (below) also has rather nice 'Boatshed' accomodation.

A bit about The Plas;

This is a very beautiful campsite, on a river meadow with wooded hills surrounding, within easy reach of Tanyfron. Check out their website!

They host numerous events and activities throughout the year. Our collaboration started in 2020 and we will continue this year - hopefully with fewer Covid restrictions!

Please contact the Plas directly for information on the pop-up sessions for 2023.




Willow 1st sorting.JPG
progressing nicely.jpg
mini hurdle 2.jpg
christmas trees on sticks!.jpg
small basket.jpg
mini hurdle 3.jpg
wastepaper basket a.jpg
large shopping basket.jpg
mixed stages.jpg
Everyone did so well!.jpg
It's quite hard on the fingers....jpg
I try and grow a good selection of willo
They're all unique!.jpg
Almost finished this one.jpg
Justifiably proud of 1st basket !.jpg
A super neat 1st basket!.jpg
and a side view.jpg
this one has a lovely curve to it.jpg

A few pictures of the 2019 - 2021 courses. All unique - and really excellent results after all their efforts!

Karins' basket.jpg
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