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Tanyfron, Llanerfyl, Welshpool, SY21 0HA

what3words; 'aviation. monkeys. lunching'

(The map is not brilliant but will hopefully help - this website really didn't want me to add it - this is 8th attempt!)


The lane from the grass triangle is single track. The edges are soft, with some very deep ditches near the Large House.

Stay on the tarmac!

Just beyond the Narrow bridge, the lane goes steeply uphill for a short stretch - this can get slippy. There are grit heaps nearby if you have problems!

Not all of the locals drive with care...and some are apparently unable to reverse.

There are also stray sheep, or a large flock being moved, some potholes and so on.

Drive slowly!

The plus side to a gentle meander up the hill is that you will almost certainly see some interesting birds and can enjoy the amazing views!


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