Many of you have asked for 'opening days' which is tricky due to being a one-woman band!
As a general guide, I will endeavour to be here on Sundays  10am to 6pm, 4pm in winter
 It's still best if you phone or text, 07517142685 (NB no voicemail),  first to check please - and then you can come almost any time!




The courses are run 'by demand' - in other words, if there's a topic you would like covered, tell me! 

Willow work

The season for freshly cut green willow, is March to April. The willow is very flexible and easy to work with. You can also soak and use the dried willow at any time - I just prefer the fresh willow rods!




 I also do one-to-one pruning sessions in your own garden and take commissions.


I moved to this part of Wales at the start of March 2017.

There was very little in the way of ornamental planting; 3 Azaleas and a Corylopsis!

Since arriving however, there has been rather a lot of planting...

In about 3 years time, there will hopefully be a garden worth visiting!

Meanwhile, you are welcome to come and see the plants for sale but do ring or e-mail first.



Please give me as much notice as possible - I would hate to miss you!



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