The New Year has blown in!

Greetings! There's been a lot of changes; the big move has happened - chaos prevails, but the views are splendid!

Willow courses are starting up again, longer courses here in the big barn, pop-up sessions at The Plas, Dolanog. Full details under 'Courses'.

Garden advice and garden design available as before and bookings have been coming in for garden club talks.

I may have to change the name from Pippasplants, as my hillside garden is less suited to growing plants for sale - and only partially constructed as yet! We wait and see...

NEWS! I prattle away on the facebook page about various horticultural topics (see the Best Welly Debate!) but sometimes get carried away; a new page therefore for those who want to learn more in depth - we're starting with Composts - I'm calling this page ''Stringbean theory; How Stuff Grows" - click on the link on the top bar!

The email stays the same as does the mobile number and facebook page, so please feel free to get in touch!

F/b page pippasplants

07517 142685

All the best



I have been involved in many different areas of horticulture

for nearly forty years. 

Due to Covid and moving house, this year 2021 will be somewhat different!

Very few, if any, plants for sale, and only the willow weaving courses will take place.

But this is Something to look forward to at least !


It's quite hard to grow and sell plants when you don't have a garden...! Until I find my next home, I'm afraid there will be no plants for sale.



Willow courses are happening!

The welsh regulations are easing after the 26th April, which will allow workshops to take place again, as long as they are outside.

This we can comply with due to working in collaboration with the Plas - Hurrah!

Horticultural Services

Advice, planning and design

Garden advice, planting plans,  designs for self-build


I'm happy to say that this side of Pippasplants has been able to continue despite Covid and the move! Currently assisting with 3 gardens, much of the work being done online.