Wintry feel in the Welsh hills!

Greetings. It's hard to believe we're half way through November...

A busy year with another month of madly finishing the most urgent jobs, before winter closes in and we have a welcome, enforced rest.

Living and working here at Tanyfron, one is subject to the natural rhythm of the seasons - there is no point fighting a storm!

I love this natural flow; a season for sowing, planting, harvesting - and a time to rest by the woodburner too.

Willow courses will start again in March next year, although my work continues with cutting and sorting the rods for you!

The garden has been full of summer flower colour until now,   which has delayed the pruning jobs - todays frost will mean I'll be booking them in shortly..


Garden advice and garden design available as before and random plants for sale - the Hesperantha (kaffir lily/ schizostylis - The RHS had a field day with names a few years back!) have been glorious - bushy thyme plants  - rambling roses. (I did say 'random'!)


Sustainable, fully biodegradeable Christmas (or any other time...) decorations!

Pictures and prices under 'Willow'

Glansevern Christmas Fair December 10th 2022

This is going to be huge fun! See under 'Calendar'




I post allsorts of 'shorts' on the facebook page about various horticultural topics and for a more in depth look, check out  ''Stringbean theory; How Stuff Grows" - click on the link on the top bar - which I promise to update over winter...

The email stays the same as does the mobile number and facebook page, so please feel free to get in touch!

F/b page pippasplants

07517 142685

All the best



I have been involved in many different areas of horticulture

for nearly forty years. 

I currently live in splendid isolation on a Welsh hill with my 2 dogs, 3 chickens, regular visiting wildlife and a lot of sheep! 

Organic, sustainable, biodegradeable - living and working in harmony with the natural world.


It seems I cannot stop growing plants but in my location, there really isn't any passing trade... so I am trying not to!

If you're coming here for a willow course however, yhou are welcome to have a look at what is available.



Willow courses are run from the Big Barn  - which now has electricity! Yay.

This is a huge barn which gives ample space to spread out, with large doors for freely circulating air - just in case we get another Covid restriction...

Horticultural Services


Advice, planning and design

Garden advice, planting plans,  designs for self-build

This branch of pippasplants can mostly be done online, which is helpful in the event of future lockdowns!


A slow start to the pruning season as it has been too warm - the first proper frost was this morning, so get in touch if you need help.