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Autumn in the Welsh hills!


This is the home for all things horticultural, organic, sustainable on a stunningly beautiful - if wild  - site in Powys!

September - harvesting of crops for winter use in full swing, logs for the fire, bracken bashing, pruning and clearing up the Summers' excessive growth - the rural idyll is quite hard work!

Garden advice and garden design available as before and random plants for sale - I'm still deciding which plants grow best up here, currently some very healthy lupins, tree lupins, pyracantha, thyme, globe artichoke...(I did say 'random')

Sustainable, fully biodegradeable Christmas (or any other time...) decorations!

Pictures and prices under 'Willow'

Welsh bamboo canes; buy local rather than importing from Asia!

Shorter canes in bundles of 20, medium x 15, tall x 10, £5 a bundle













Compost loo!                                     

The first one is now ready for use which saves a long hike for workshop people - and for me!


I post allsorts of 'shorts' on the facebook page about various horticultural topics and for a more in depth look, check out  ''Stringbean theory; How Stuff Grows" - click on the link on the top bar - which I promise to update whenever I get time...

We're doing composts at present!

The email stays the same as does the mobile number and facebook page, so please feel free to get in touch!

F/b page pippasplants

07517 142685

All the best



Next willow taster session - September 5th - 4 places remaining - see under 'Courses' - we'll be making bird feeders to welcome in the Autumn!

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1st compost loo3.jpg
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